The Shaft

Review From User :! If, after reading this book, you did not feel affirmed in all the choices you have made in your life and rededicated to never doing something that sucked again, then you really aren't a member of that generation. Like Gordinier stated in his book, it's not as much a matter of age but your relationship to the world. My wife and I founded and run a professional, not for profit, theatre company. Our first board of directors was made up of a majority of baby boomers who could not understand why we made the choices we made, in terms of choosing plays. This book helps me understand where my distrust of mainstream popular culture comes from and I have recommended that all of our board of director members read this book to understand it themselves. Either get on board or get out of the effin way!

Loved this book and will read again and again. It will become bedtime reading for my kids, age 6 and 3. I will reference it in meetings. My wife and I will read it loud to each other on rainy Sunday afternoons. Quotes will be read at my wake. This book kicks ass.

The Kenilworth Arms is a mongrel apartment building, built and rebuilt and which seems to have a life of its own. Jonathan, Jamaica and Cruz, three people from very different backgrounds, all shelter in the Kenilworth. They could not have chosen a worse place to run.

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