The Story of Brutus: My Life with Brutus the Bear and the Grizzlies of North America – Casey Anderson

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One can be forgiven for thinking that this book is the biography of one Brutus the grizzly bear; the title is somewhat misleading. The Story of Brutus is more of a practical guide to animal behavior. Casey Anderson has worked in wild-animal sanctuaries all of his adult life. He has spent a lifetime observing, and cultivating relationships with, North America's large wild predators. Brutus is a particularly good-humored grizzly whom Anderson adopted from a sanctuary as a young cub.

Anderson's adventures with grizzlies make for an excellent, lively read. Brutus stories -- frequently wildly entertaining -- are interspersed throughout the text as examples of bear behavior. As someone who frequently hikes in bear country, I feel like the book teaches quite a bit on how to avoid animal conflicts, and what to do if conflict does occur.

But the best parts of the book are when Anderson shares his observations on animal relationships, both with humans and with other animals. Anderson views wildlife in a refreshingly unconventional way. His ideas on human-animal interaction are seriously fascinating. And yes, the conclusion of the book may have blown my mind a little bit. I recommend this book highly for anyone who wants to learn more about grizzlies and the land they inhabit.

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Casey Anderson, the host of National Geographic s Expedition Grizzly, met a month-old bear cub ina wildlife preserve in 2002, whom he affectionately named Brutus. Little Brutus was destined to remainin captivity or, more likely, even euthanized due to overpopulation at the preserve.
Expand text… Anderson, alreadyan expert in animal rescue and rehabilitation, just could not let that happen to Brutus, who looked likea “fuzzy Twinkie.” From the beginning it was clear something special existed between the two. And so, Anderson built the Montana grizzly encounter in Bozeman, Montana, especially for Brutus, so that he, and others like him, could grow up “being a bear.” And so the love story began.When together, Anderson and Brutus will wrestle, swim, play, and continue to act as advocates forgrizzly protection and education, be it through documentaries like Expedition Grizzly, appearanceson Oprah or Good Morning America, or in this inspiring book, which promises to be an intimate lookinto Anderson’s relationship with Brutus and a call to action to protect these glorious animals and thenatural world they live in. The Story of Brutus proves that love and friendship knows no bounds and that every care must betaken to protect one of nature’s noblest creatures.


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