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I read "The Stranger" in one sitting! The basic concept of the book is highly creative; the plot of the book in it's most basic sense explores what happens in life when "The Stranger" takes it upon himself to "Play God" - in other words the stranger holds himself worthy to judge the ethics or morals of other people and, in doing so, alters the course of their life irrevocably. The secondary underlying plot that we protect our own families - even at the expense of other families - questions the heart of human nature. This idea really struck a chord in me - don't we all look out for our best interests

Category: Crime

“He has the power to destroy everything”.
The Stranger appears out of nowhere, perhaps in a bar or a parking lot or at the grocery store. His identity is unknown. His motives are unclear. His information is undeniable. Then he whispers a few words in your ear and disappears, leaving you picking up the pieces of your shattered world.

Adam Price has a lot to lose: a comfortable marriage to a beautiful woman, two wonderful sons, and all the trappings of the American dream – a big house, a good job, a seemingly perfect life.

Then he runs into the Stranger. When he learns a devastating secret about his wife, Corrine, he confronts her, and the mirage of perfection disappears as if it never existed at all. Soon Adam finds himself tangled in something far darker than even Corrine’s deception and realises that if he doesn’t make exactly the right moves, the conspiracy he’s stumbled into will not only ruin lives – it will end them.

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