The Survivor

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This was our book club pick for this month. All I can say is THANK YOU KARIANN!! This book should be required reading for every American. It was life changing. I loved it. I have since scoured the Internet trying to learn as much as I can about Operation Redwing and it's heroes.

This is not the kind of book I would normally pick up and read. In fact, I had it on the counter and when Tyler came home and he thanked me for picking him out a great book from the library. He couldn't believe we were reading it for book club. He even proudly been told the guys at work what book his wife was reading. They were impressed too. I thought this would be a "guys book" but it isn't. It is a book for every or woman...conservative or liberal.

This book took hold of me and still hasn't let go. I was unable to put it down. It was heart-breaking, inspiring and unfailingly patriotic. I am so glad that I read this book and got a glimpse of the kind of people who have answered our country's call and who fight for freedom. God Bless the United States Armed Forces and the men and women who serve!!

I rate this book: EXCELLENT!! A must-read for every American.

May the heroic acts of the men of Operation Redwing never be forgotten.

One morning in Los Angeles, Nate Overbay – a divorced former solider suffering from PTSD and slowly dying from ALS – goes to an eleventh-floor bank, climbs out of the bathroom window onto the ledge, and gets ready to end it all. But as he’s steeling himself, a crew of robbers bursts into the bank and begins to viciously shoot employees and customers. With nothing to lose, Nate confronts the robbers, taking them out one-by-one. The last man standing leaves Nate with a cryptic warning.

Nate soon learns what that message meant. He is kidnapped by Pavlo, a savage Russian mobster and mastermind of the failed heist. Unable to break back into the bank to get the critical item inside, Pavlo gives Nate an ultimatum – break in and get what he needs or watch Pavlo slowly kill the one thing Nate loves most – his ex-wife Janie and his teenaged daughter Cielle – both lost when he came back from Iraq broken and confused. Now he’s got one last chance to protect the people he loves, even if it’s the last thing he is able to do.

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