The Wave – Walter Mosley

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A phone call from someone who sounds like a long dead father sets off a bizarre and deadly chain of events. This is the second time I read this book on my romp through Walter Mosley's books.

Category: Sci-Fi

Summary: Errol Porter is awakened by a strange prank caller, one who asks for him by name and claims to be his father. But Errol’s father has been dead for years. Late one night, curious and a little unnerved, Errol sneaks into the graveyard where his father is buried. The man he finds there will change his life. Soon Errol’s on the run from mad scientists and homeland security death squads, and befriended by creatures that are the stuff of nightmares. Plunging into a series of stunning revelations, he must uncover the hidden tragedy of his family’s past and penetrate the depths of an earth-shaking, ancient enigma to determine the fate of the entire world.

The Wave