With These Wings

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Another amazing book by Wendy Knight! Love her strong heroines! Her boys need to man up more and not move on so quickly, but I still love them! With These Wings is another entertaining, unique, and super awesome book by Wendy Knight! Aliens have invaded Earth, and are killing and capturing humans. Phoenyx was captured by them, and had her DNA integrated with theirs, so now she is half alien, but despite some major differences (Wings!), she still holds out hope that she'll find her boyfriend, Cole, and her best friend, Enika, but the reunion doesn't go quite as she envisioned, when Cole shows up with a new "love". Wendy Knight's take on the aliens was really cool, and I loved the dystopian world she created. Lots of great action, and also lots of great characters! Phoenyx is amazing! She kicks major butt, and has a wonderful heart! Enika is awesome too! She's a wonderful best friend, and I love her with her axe! Totally cool! Cole needed to catch a clue, that boy was adorable, but as I said earlier, needed to man up! Still though, the scenes between Phoenyx and him were really sweet! I'm not sure if there's going to be a 2nd book, but I hope so because I definitely need more resolution between Phoenyx and Cole. Strong females, action, adventure, and sweetness made this an amazing read for me! Once I started I couldn't put it down! Definitely read this!

Seventeen-year-old Phoenyx was taken by the aliens who were supposed to save humanity. But Phoenyx didn’t die. She escaped.
Changed, different. Terrifying.
Now she protects the people she used to call neighbors and friends, despite the fact that they don’t trust her. She looks like the aliens – beautiful, strong, and winged. And that’s why those she protects want her dead.
She doesn’t blame them.
All the while, she’s searching for Cole, the boy whose arms she was ripped from the night she was taken. When he shows up at their compound with a new love, everything Phoenyx has been fighting for is turned on its head, and she has to figure out what side she’s really on and who she really is before she loses herself completely.
Never trust beautiful things.

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